The Jen-Esis

Conquered a Castle, Angiers, France

My artist’s eye and adventurous spirit
have finally found some common ground.

I am now considering commissions for events, on location/ destination shoots, fine art and contract or freelance writing assignments. I prayerfully consider work with missions and non-profits.
I’ve got a passion for exploring new places, seeing new faces, and tasting all the goodness life has to offer: from high spirits and exotic flavors to the road less traveled. Whether it’s through a lens or wielding a pen, the world is a beautiful, exciting place to be, and I want to capture it all. All over the globe…or right in my own back yard.
Because there is no studio on the road (especially on the road with a family) all the photography on my site uses natural light. I don’t carry lighting, reflectors, or extra baggage. I travel light and make the best of what the event or location presents. My writings are usually done by hand, in an old-fashioned journal and then transposed digitally when time allows…

a story of faith…
” i am not who i thought i was 24 hours ago…”
I love that line by Switchfoot. Maybe it resonates with me beacuse I am constantly evolving… growing spiritually, personally and professionally.
I am never satisfied with going through the motions but rather electrified by new adventures, challenges and opportunities. I do my best to avoid striving: living surrendered, passionately, fully, and in a state of contentment and joy.
My intention with this site is to invoke a new sense of perspective to you, my visitors. Not just in the way you look at my photography- or nature- or places you go, but in every aspect of your life. Are you living your purpose? Are you fulfilling God’s call for you? Are you listening? Can you be still and know ?
I have always been a writer and have had a camera in my hand since i was three. But, until I found redemption, I didn’t think my voice mattered or my pictures were any good. I was a very lost sheep. Occasionally, I still get lost. But, now, my life points to a higher purpose- and every moment is an adventure!
I pray that God uses my images and words much like John the Baptist’s- a voice crying out. Maybe just for you. Maybe you aren’t who you were when you first came to visit.

Spirited Living…
Because of our love of wine and travel, and my husband Luis’ pursuit of the Master Sommelier Diploma, we have had the opportunity to tour (and even work) some of the most famous vineyards of America and Europe the past twelve years.

In doing so, we have harvested an even greater love and appreciation for family, friends and especially each other. Our faith has become stronger than ever, to the point where we know that the glass is not half empty, nor half full, but amazingly, always full.

We have seen that the “wine story” is also the story of life – each of us being affected by our environment: the soil, the climate, the sowing and the reaping, the caring and the sharing. Like us, each bottle of wine has its history and uniqueness – perhaps that is why the sharing of a good bottle of wine has become such an important part of our individuality and our sense of uniqueness in today’s “overly-busy” vineyard of life.
This is our GrapeLiving.We hope you enjoy it. Cheers! Find us on our sister blog- 100Days.100Wines.


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