Transcending Cub Scouts with Art…

Tonight I led a round table of six second-grade cub scouts through a recreation of ┬áPicasso’s life and “Mains aux Fleurs.” I pray the art they created transcended the den meeting and it’s permanently mixed in their minds that when they mix red and yellow something beautiful is born and when they present someone with a gift of flowers created on paper the feeling of love transcends.

Thanks to a friend’s blog for inspiring me to write about it instead of it sitting in the archives of the computer with all the other waiting to be published posts :)

When and how do you last transcend through the arts?

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5 thoughts on “Transcending Cub Scouts with Art…

  1. You are “UNIQUE” You are always inventing and creating new things and ideas. Good for you. By the way I love the picture of all the cub-scouts sitting around in the table at your house.
    Maki you look very …. interested in the subject.

  2. Okay Jen,
    Another memory… when Nicky was 10, he had a birthday party of 10 other boys, and me. We went bowling, had pizza, cake, basketball, then one of the boys wanted to play video games ( Im bored) So….Tanya got out the old charades game. Let me tell you how much fun these kids had, acting out these words! (Until their parents picked them up). Call me old fashioned, but I think they had a good interactive time@!

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